Yoga for Schools

Yoga For Life is a programme that has been designed to support young people in upper primary and across secondary as they transition through their educational, physical and emotional journey towards adulthood. It shares specific and accessible techniques and strategies to enable a calm and confident approach to change, stress and confronting situations.

By combining yoga with a variety of specific techniques, students are encouraged to work on their physical strength, love their unique body shape, learn what their body is capable of, build endurance and resilience; while employing and understanding mindfulness and breathing techniques which become their personal toolkit, so that they have the ability to take better care of their mental wellbeing, self- esteem and confidence


Just spent an hour with Year 8 doing Yoga and practising the moves you have taught us. It really helped calm us down after a fraught morning of being heard at 2m distances!”

Mrs C Blomfield, Head of Science, Daneshill School  (June 2020)