Meet your Facilitator

I am a happy wife and mum of 3 gorgeous girls and have been a professional educator and yoga practitioner for over 20 years. I trained to teach Integrative Yoga whilst living in South East Asia and over a period of 10 years have learned how to incorporate the Eastern approach of a less is more ‘work in,’ approach to wellness and happiness, with the  Western desire to workout, strengthen and tone to release feel good endorphins.

Registered with the Yoga Alliance in the USA I use Integrative Yoga which brings together all the best features of different yoga styles and philosophies, plus pranayama and mindfulness techniques and practices to give all students a meaningful experience regardless of ability level.

Integrative Yoga is a mirrorless approach which celebrates the individuality of the body, leaves the ego behind and teaches resilience, self confidence and the ability to unwind.

Please feel free to contact me to hear about 1:1 or group sessions tailored to your needs. Let me help you get your chill on.